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>> you are watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news at noon. >> a week after super storm sandy, the northeast has turned
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into a winter scene. in new york, roughly 60,000 residents lost power wednesday, bringing the total to 370,000 customers, including those who lost power last week. some areas received as much as 6-11 inches of snow. >> the season's first winter storm to strike the northeast continues its trek northward, beating communities with strong wind. meanwhile, people already battered by hurricane sandy last week barely waited for the sun to rise before starting to clean up again. >> the good news is we have not seen the kind of damage we saw with hurricane sandy. >> really was out power -- maria was without power for two days after hurricane sandy. that lost power again after the nor'easter.
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several inches of snow blanketed the region, setting -- setting a record for snowfall in the big apple. 100,000 people in the dark, possibly for the second time in just over a week. >> i went out to go to the store, and i came back and my house was black and the kids were frantic. no heat. >> across the country, airlines canceled more than 1000 flights, leaving people grantefrantic. people are cold, wet, tired and ready from of break from the severe weather. >> we have got lucky on this one. we were kind of lucky on this one, and even more lucky as far as the nor'easter is concerned. the storm was just compact enough that we were really on the fringes. we had next to nothing as far as
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or significantl o other. there is the center of the storm just below cape cod. spinning its way out to sea now. we have a wind something akin it to this. it is bringing in chilly air right now. most of the clouds are beginning to dissipate. things are beginning to dry out in the atmosphere. the vouchers are a little brisk because of the breeze. winds are still gusting around here. much closer to the storm, the weather a little more significant. we will talk about what happened up to the storm, but we -- after this form completely clears the northeast. of baltimore city
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shut down as crews tried to fix the mass of water main break. this is north charles and one history. crews have still not been able to turn the water off. they have been working with crews to protect a nearby gas line. with businesses shut down, crews are riding on the scene to take another crack at correcting the problem. >> you have valves located at this area, and it turned a great number of times in order to shut off the water. to go at this time, no timeframe for when the issue will be fixed. dozens of people are displaced by a fire. its guiding even captures the site from above. the winds ripped through an apartment complex wednesday afternoon. it took nearly 60 firefighters to get the situation under control. 12 apartment units were severely damaged. 30 people are not without homes.
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we're told everyone made it out of the building say we. the cause of the fire is under investigation. global markets are following wall street's lead downward. hallie jackson have details on how lawmakers are trying to ease concerns about the u.s. economy in the fiscal cliff. >> we are hearing from democrats and republicans in congress about working together, but it remains to be seen whether they will back up the top with action. -- back up the talk wtih action. action. the dow dropped 13,000. it is that it would downgrade the u.s. credit rating if congress does nothing about the so-called fiscal cliff. compromising to be the word of the day on a compromise from leaders on both sides of the
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ideal. >> it is better to be of that fight. it is better to work together. republican speaker of the house signaled his party may be open to deal that includes higher taxes. to the we are willing to except the revenue under the right conditions. democratic senate majority leader harry reid wonder why the wait? >> i am not for kicking the can down the road. i did we have done up far too much. we know what the issue is, and we need to solve that issue. >> president obama looking ahead to the lame-duck session of congress next week. in washington, hallie jackson, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the 11 news eye team caught up with sheila dixon to talk about her troubles.
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probation officials say she is to spare her a00 dr criminal conviction. and >> i haven't really trying to catch up. now i will work harder to get this behind me. i feel sorry for those in worse conditions that i am. >> she told that she hopes to get the problem is resolved this week. failure to pay could cost her her pension. baltimore city police commissioner will be sworn in today. the mayor will conduct the swearing in at city hall tonight. he was confirmed as the new police commissioner back in october after outlining and to combat the crime. he replaced fred beafield. >> coming up, a 77-year-old convicted twice of murdering is released from prison.
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we will explain why. flames light up the night sky in phoenix.
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>> covering the nation, the man who pleaded guilty to shape -- shooting gabrielle giffords and seven others will plead guilty
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in tucson. 13 will bonded, including gabrielle giffords the shepherd of good will -- gunshot wound to the head. he will receive a life sentence without the possibility of parole. he has been undergoing psychological treatment at a missouri treatment facility. an arizona man in prison for nearly four decades for murder is a free man. he was convicted twice for murdering two people in 1962. for years the justice group fought for his release saying there was no dna evidence and the other man was convicted for the crime. the arizona governor refused his release. time passed and prosecutors refused to try him a third time, instead of agreeing to a plea deal. he pleaded no contest to second- degree murder. the judge agreed to sentence him for time served and released him
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from prison here yet flames light of the night sky in phoenix after a large number of hay bales caught on fire. officials hope to at least contain it soon. no word on what started the fire, but next just -- excess moisture can promote the growth of bacteria that causes hay to cut fire. that is quite a fire. still to come, your stomach will not be the only thing all this thinks giving. so will airplanes trains. the post office tel u2 mail early. those stories next. -- the post office twll yoelling you to mail early. >> what is coming up
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>> in consumer alert, it seems your stomach will be not the only things up on thanksgiving. those traveling by plane can expect airport to be busier. airlines for america says nearly 24 million travelers will fly from friday to tuesday. that is up from last year but still below the peak level years of 2007 and 2006. the u.s. postal service is reminding you to mail early. they expect to deliver 17.9 billion cards and packages. december 17 will be the busiest mailing day of 2012 with more than 650 million pieces of mail processed.
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when you are sending mail, using know the code is better than our wrongs of code. -- no zip code is better than a wrong zip code. researchers in boston track the diets of more than 1000 patients of the dance stage 3: cancer. those that of soup -- consumed the most cards had an 80% risk it would return. the effect with even more pronounced and those that were overweight or obese. and grey or thinning hair. all signs of aging most of us tried to avoid. researchers say this could be signs of heart attack risk. people who had at least three or four signs like all this at the
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crown of the head, wrinkled and body -- fatty deposits had a 57% increased risk for heart attack. researchers say doctors should routinely check their patients were visible signs of aging. >> now your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with john collins. >> checking hd doppler radar. the rain chance pretty slim. still have clouds overhead. moister still rotating around the storms, but mostly in pennsylvania rotating to new jersey. the humidity is only 25 percent. even if a cloud try to make precipitation, it would dry up before it hit the ground. impressive looking storm. very compact. the storm center is just south of cape patters. still getting rain and snow, mostly rain in new england. a lot of the activity has eased
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up just a little bit. going local to take a look at some of the temperatures. started out in some cases in the 20's and 30's. but the now at annapolis. 49 on the boardwalk. edgewood 49. frederick is 52. only the 30's in western maryland. they have snow on the ground, too. we look at the storm again. most of the real significant precipitation is moving into nova scotia and away from the united states of the storm is tracking away from us. some of the residual clouds rotating on the backside are clipping us just a little bit. a lot more sunshine to the east. a little bit of snow cover up to the west. our next form from a week and is
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tied to put itself to the other and the plains. ahead of the next storm there will be really mild air being pushed into the area. that is the trend our forecast will be taking. we should be of around 60 this time of the year. mostly sunny skies. northwest winds over land at 10- 20 gusting at 25. over the open water where the wind can really get momentum. northwest wind gusting to 30. small craft advisory out this afternoon. we take a look at our insta- weather-plus few -- future cast. what is significant is the area of high pressure off to the southwest the storm goes away. high pressure comes overhead. this will keep us dry for a few days. then we get the southerly breezes.
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we take part in a warming up before the next month. the next want to come and will be after sunday. once we get past sunday, we can expect some rain. first, the forecast for raiders game. sunshine, mild. in the sixties for temperatures during the game. 53 today. it to upper 50s on friday. this will introduce a chance for rain. eventually cooler quebeckers. -- cooler temperatures. jim hammond. >> this has been spayed and had its first rabies shot.
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it is free to call the animal hospital. this is a perfect little thanksgiving treat. call the animal hospital. it is free. well worth it. look how sweet she is. i am preparing for a trip over thanksgiving. any advice on the right place? >> clearly there are storms that come through any to pick places that have proper heating. if they do not have the back of generator to run the place, forget it. obviously that is the serious consideration. is there someone there 24 hours? if not, i would advise against it. things do happen between 5:00 and 8:00 at night. i would use those two things.
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call your veterinarian. they can probably advise you of good kenneled in your area. they should required shots and vehiclefecals. >> this is about a cat. what is the best way to curb my cat from scratching? i like this device. it is a scat mat. it has a tiny red of electric charge. it irritates them. but that in the area where the cat is doing the scratching. it is a natural tendency for them to scratch. did a lot from the woods or something. >> any other products like you have at home are ready? >> cardboard. tinfoil. it is a surfaced preference.
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>> unfortunately we are out of time. hopefully will get a good home for her. if you have a question, you can e-mail us posted to the family page. you can send your questions to put questions. coming up next, your maryland lottery pick three and picked four numbers. another check of
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>> time now for your maryland lottery pick 3 and pick 4 numbers. >> hi, there. for starters we have an 8. in the middle is 2. your last number, 6. making it 8, 2, 6. pick four just a moment. 6 $5 craft shops for $20. look for the book at your favorite lottery retailer. all set ready to go. moving right along. 3.
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followed by 7. your next number is 0. for final number a 9. 3, 7, 0, 9. the maryland lottery, let yourself play. and >> talking about a warm-up for the weekend. >> look at this. it these today and tomorrow. 60's of the weekend. what a beautiful weekend. monday and tuesday a cold front comes in. rain chances go up by the end of the day. tuesday temperatures back into the 50s. dry weather and a warming trend. take a good football weather. >> thank you for watching 11 news at noon. >> be sure to watch tonight at 5:00. have a great day.
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